Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Open Source Lesson #3

Let me start by apologizing for the lateness of this lesson, I have been busy frolicking in the fullness of Mother Nature's Bosom. Now, let's get on to the lessons for this installment. I will be introducing three new ideas, well practices actually, that will prove to be very useful to any path one may choose.

Breath Control

Before we begin, play this video from MC Yogi, it will prepare for what is to come.
So let's talk about Breath Control. In the Hindu world this known as Pranayama; look it up on Google, there are many great resources out there. I recommend this article at Yoga Journal for a brief introduction, read it here. Dr. Israel Regardie recommends that one practice breath control after reaching a state of relaxation using the methods we discussed in the previous lessons; specifically awareness and body awareness. There are as many methods as there are traditions and teachers within those traditions. Many people find the four fold breath the easiest to master at first. The concept is simple:
Inhale to a count of four. Hold for a count of four.
Exhale for a count of four. Hold for a count of four. Repeat.
That's it. This technique will help you to quite your mind and develop focus, both of which are essential to achieving results from your work. I also like the Magickal Breath as described by Donald Michael Krieg. The method I use most I first came across reading a biography of the mathematician Kurt Gödel, his technique was simply to lie on one's back (corpse pose or shavasana) and inhale slowly and deeply, then exhale slowly and deeply. This will allow you to relax completely and frees your mind to focus completely. Raven Kaldera wrote this about breath and it's use in the Northern Tradition Shamanism he advocates. Breath Control is essential to and the foundation of all ritual work. It is the breath that opens the way, the element Air, the power to know. Find the technique that works best for you and practice everyday.

 Ritual Space

Up until now I have mostly talked about relaxation techniques , a little ritual, and some theory, but no discussion of the tools of the trade. There are many theories about this, but every school of thought agrees on one thing; an altar. How one goes about constructing that altar is as varied as the crafter. As proof I offer up one my favorite tumblr sites, Fuck Yeah Altars. I personally think of altar space more like a workbench for my Reality Engineering Experiments, but more on that at a later date (I promise.) For now have a gander at my space:
So for starters lets build a shrine to be developed into an altar space. The difference between an altar and a shrine is intention. Shrines are usually devoted to an aspect of the divine, such as, the Divine Feminine, or the Divine Masculine, or Universal Love. Conversely an altar can be devoted to one aspect alone or multiple aspect like those mentioned above or to a seasonal celebration, or Physical or Metaphysical Forces. Rather than duplicate the good work done by others, I will simply refer to these two links on E-How, everything you need to know is there. How to Create a Personal Shrine and How to Make a Shrine. There you go easy peasy.

Godforms and Archetypes

Since the idea of shrines has been introduced, now seems to be a good time to discuss concepts of divinity. When this subject comes up, I am reminded of the lyrics of an old Love and Rockets song, that goes something like this;
Live the life you love, Use a God you trust, 
and don't take it all too seriously
That sums it all up for me. Find a Godform or Archetypal Figure that dovetails with your personal philosophy and path-work.There are so many to choose from that I will only recommend two books that may help you make a choice. The Witches God and The Witches Goddess by Janet and Stewart Farrar, read them both. Also read up on Jungian Archetypes, this will help on your way. I really don't want to influence your decisions too much so I will encourage to develop your own relationship with the divine. That being said I will share my vision of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine with you. My vision of the Feminine Divine I call Owl Woman and the Masculine Divine I call Señor Jackalope. If you want to know more about how I use these forms message me. Beyond this I will leave you to your own devices, after all you did not choose this path to follow some other person's vision.

That wraps up this installment of Open Source Magick. Keep up your daily practice and build a shrine, or if you are ambitious build an altar. If you have any questions comment below or contact me on Facebook. Keep up the Great Work! So Mote it Be.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Savage Sorcery

Lapsang Souchong with two fingers of whiskey, the smell of cedar smoke in my nostrils. This is how I wish I had started my day, but instead it was Earl Grey and no incense of any kind. Today I am moving slow, trying to take it easy after psychic drain of the Fourth of July. I was supposed to go to a Family Reunion today, but like so many others of us who do not prescribe to Christo-Judaic beliefs I am a bit estranged from my family proper. So my wife, the Herbwoman, my kids and myself have decided to stay home and relax. Spend some quality time with the family we love and that loves us back.

Been catching up on my reading and there seem to be quite a few good articles about, pertaining to the Rewilding Witchcraft article by Peter Grey, go read it if you haven't. I also highly recommend The Witch and The Wild by Sarah Anne Lawless. While your at it go ahead and read about Dirt Sorcery over at Aidan Wachter's blog Hotel Vast Horizon. Might as well read Annie Sprinkle's Ecosex Manifesto too. These are things I have mulling over as I do my Earth Workings and engage in the rituals of summer (mostly playing in the San Marcos River.) The thoughts, opinions, and feelings expressed in these articles have been opening up a need for savagery in me. Not bloodthirsty, just untamed, wild, FERAL. I have a longing to mergewith the wild wood and lose myself for some time.

More and more it dawns on me that my animistic, pagan, tribalistic beliefs defy definition.I do not have a religion in the strict sense other than my life. I have NO gods or goddesses before me, just spiritual allies, familiars if you will. I commune with the Cosmos, the earth beneath my feet, the spirits of the dead and raw untamed nature. My rites are my own, crafted by me for me. All that I lack is community, and that is my own failing. So now I feel drawn to make bonds, to find links in a physical sense, for the sake of Lover Earth. She needs me more than ever, and I can not satisfy her alone. Only all of us working together can hope to save a sliver of humanity to continue the relationship.It's the least we can do after all she has given us.

All of this leads me to the need to clearly articulate a Savage Sorcery, wild untamed magics to herald not a
return or rewilding, but the beginning of a Wild Way not yet seen. We can not go back, but we can push forward into a different relationship, one that accepts our self imposed mass extinction event. A vision that encompasses toxic environments, urban blight and the few patches of wildness left. We must come together to enact rituals with meaning in public places, rituals that express who we are, what matters most and the way forward. We must not fall into the trap of being nice just to get along, that will only serve those who seek to destroy our life support system. We must confront them head on. Our magics must take on the cause of being advocates for the Wild, they must be wild in and of themselves. Block traffic with tribal dancing. Make music with boneflutes and voices that is both a funerary dirge and a celebration of all that is to come. Be wild, be free and be unafraid. This article, Manifesting An Other World by Rhyd Wildermuth at the Wild Hunt also has much to contemplate.

So I will work on my Savage Sorcery and go wild in the process, I suggest that you do the same.