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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sea Change

There are times where everything seems very stable and life becomes a bit boring. Then there are times where everything seems to move at once, a tidal shift, a sea change. This for me is one of those times.



Cat Stevens sang, "The first cut is the deepest", but for me the final cut has been the deepest. This year, the Year of Knives has been a tumultuous one, Lots of shake ups, and shake downs, but thankfully I never got the shakes. Many an illusion has been shattered along the way and with each an enriched clarity that I would never forfeit.

It is an humbling experience to be cut down to size, to confront the self-aggrandizing inflation of one's own ego. The Year of Knives was initiated because of the twenty third hexagram of the I Ching, sometimes called "splitting apart" by western practitioners who have a bias towards Yang. In more eastern interpretations it is also known as "cutting through", this due to two factors that seem to evade the western mind. The first is as I mentioned earlier a bias towards Yang, in eastern thought neither Yin nor Yang is more important, in fact they are inseparable. The second is what I call the Western Success Model, which is really a "Success Trap."  Both of these ideas feed in to each other and can be a great impediment to growth.

The Western Mind by and large has been focused on a more is better mentality since the industrial revolution, sadly this is also true in Esoteric and Occult circles. I believe this may be what Crowley was referring to when he spoke of the Black Schools. Success has an inherent built in trap, to illustrate this I will take a journey in to the past. Paleolithic hunters used sites like Roche de Solutre in France to trap and kill large numbers of herd animals such as horses. The more successful the hunt the more babies that reached adulthood. The more the population grew, the more food that was needed to sustain it. Eventually the herds dwindled from over-hunting, among other factors, and agriculture became the successful way to grow a population. Through out time however the increasing success of agriculture has lead to a population that now uses resources at a rate roughly 25% faster than our waste can convert back into resources. This is a success trap, most people call it civilization. This mentality has lead to a fear of failure, or as I like to call it corrective balancing.

There is a tendency in the west to think of Yin as "bad", interestingly enough it is often associated with most of the things patriarchal power structures fear. Darkness, soft, femininity, cold etc., none of these is inherently bad only a balance to the things Yang represents. The schools of Occult thought that have dominated the Occidental world have placed far too much importance on domination of spirits, a solar ithyphallic perspective, and spiritual hierarchies. Yin is more representative of a relational leadership model, where consensus is reached through the building and maintaining of relationships. Happily this concept is gaining ground in the Western Occidental Esoteric Tradition. I believe this to be due to the influence of Shamanism, a resurgence of Animism, and the introduction of certain psychedelics, but that is the subject of a different article. The biggest fear of Yin in the west stems from the one of its most frightening aspects; crisis.

All crises give rise to initiation and vice versa. Unfortunately, when one is taught to fear setbacks and and upsets, when winning at all costs has become the dominant paradigm, crisis can be crippling. Some crisis are crippling in some aspects, like losing a leg. The extent to which one chooses to let said crisis keep them crippled however is personal choice. After losing a leg, one can simply lie down and give up, far too common unfortunately, or someone can learn to move about in a new way and discover new things.The only difference is choice.

So here I am at the end of my Year of Knives and I realize how much dross and hubris has been cut away. I have battled the urge to be overwhelmed by crisis and have instead chosen to seek initiation.The final cut is the deepest and one of the most significant in my life. A clean cut always cuts straight and leads to a separation, a delineation between what is useful and what has outlived its usefulness. The process has begun and I am letting go, yet another meaning of Hexagram 23. Speaking of that hexagram, when one does an I Ching reading there are lines that change thus yielding a second hexagram, this is to give you greater depth to your reading, unless there are no changing lines, in which case the reading is very clear. The only two lines that change din my divination were one and six so my secondary hexagram was 24; Returning.



My Grandmother always told me that to be successful, I should study people I admire and learn from their example. I have done this my whole life, starting with magicians and artists who's live seemed to mirror my ideas of the world. As I grew older this lead me to explore alternative cultures, alternate realities, and the world around me. Now that I am older and beginning to enter the autumn of my life, doing work that satisfies my soul and reflects my spiritual beliefs has become tantamount to who I am as a person. Following Granny's advise once more, I looked to the the people who had business that involved magical things. Talismanic Jewelers, Alchemical Perfumers and Incense Makers, Purveyors of Materia, and general Witchery, and I noticed that many of them had one thing in common, Jason Miller. So I decided to enroll in his Strategic Sorcery course after reading the book The Sorcerer's Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick.

Just before enrolling in the Strategic Sorcery class I had a series of events that lead me to do a rather long and extended course of Earth workings and Underworld work. I will be completely honest I have not done many of the Homework exercises and I am way behind on my reading, but this is not because I don't value it. Quite the opposite in fact. I am taking my time to digest the work. I came into this course with thirty years of magical experience, so much of this is remedial. I work with different entities, but use a very similar approach. Where I have gained the most benefit is in what most would consider the mundane realm. The day to day magic that we take for granted. The lesson of crow, be aware of the magic that is always around you. The book Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, has brought profound changes in my life. Researching the vagus nerve and its effects on the parasympathetic nervous system has profoundly affected my depression and recovery from past traumas. Being authentic, becoming someone I love and respect, these are the gifts I have gained from Jason's course that will stay with me for the remainder of my life. By all means enchant away, but if you are relying on enchantment alone, you might as well be playing the lottery instead of investing in a retirement plan. I believe this is the case for two very strong reasons. First spirits don't seem to be interested in helping lazy people. Secondly everyday life is far more magical than most people seem to realize. As a sorcerer or witch or whatever you call yourself learning to tap into that energy will power everything you do. So grab a handful of dirt and talk to the spirits.


Just as I declared 2015 the Year of Knives and many cords were cut, I have settled upon the naming of 2016. This year is the Year of the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart has many christian implications due to the practice of Sacratissimi Cordis Iesu among Catholics, Anglicans and some Lutherans. When I use the term however, I mean something closer to a heart inflamed with spirit and bursting with an outpouring of love to the Holy Universe. 

My goal for the upcoming year is to live a more heartfelt experience, to follow the whispers of my soul, to let spirit engulf me and take me on the grand adventure. I spent the last year clearing out the hubris I built up in my own life. Of all the Knives I accumulated, unrelenting self honesty was the sharpest of all and with it I cut away self delusion and found the confidence and strength to accept myself. I may never be wealthy in the traditional material way our society dictates, and fame is not something I hunt after, but I do have a wealth of experiences that have given me insight into the true beauty and magic of Holy Universe. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful souls that have accompanied me along the way, I would have been lost long ago without them. For those among you who fell, consumed with pain and sadness, I will carry your torch to the end, your memory will not be forgotten.








I began writing this blog a few years ago as a way to give voice to all the things I kept bottled up inside. The decision was based on revelations I had during therapy after a suicide attempt in 2011, it has been a wonderful experience. So it is with some sadness and a heavy heart that I announce the end of this blog in its current form. I will continue with a new blog on Word Press. The reasons are many, but chief among them is the need to have my art for sale, my tarot services, and my blog all in one place. This blog will remain here as a testament to my growth and self exploration; a monument to reclaiming. In recent days one of my all time heroes, David Bowie has returned to the stars from which we all come. His passing has reminded me of several wonderful things; First, we are all Star People and we came here to blow each others minds, Secondly all things end and as sad as that is at first it only opens the way for more wonderful things to come, and Lastly we are all light. So turn on your love light and let it shine for the world to see. I will post a link to the new blog when it is up.










Thursday, November 26, 2015


Some time after the New Year my blog will be migrating. I am going to be setting up an online shop and my blog will become part of that venture. In the interim I am going to be posting items I have for sell here. My first offering is a closeout sell. I need to clear out some old inventory to make space for new.  The following T-shirts designs are on sale for $20 each with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental U.S. You can reach me through the comments section below or friend me on Facebook for more details. Quantity is limited so don't delay. All shirts are Unisex M- XXL, 100% Cotton Gildan shirts. Specify design and size when ordering. A great gift for that extra special someone. New Designs Coming Soon.....

The serpent does not follow the straight and narrow path, 
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"It was the straying that found the path direct."- Austin Osman Spare

It has been a while, and I'm not sure where or when this post will end. I have had many changes over the last few weeks. That is not really the focus of this post, although it does contribute. I find myself at the Crossroads again, only this time there is a trail into the wilderness that I have been walking for some time now. It is a crooked little path that follows the contours of the landscape, rather than forcing the landscape to follow my contours. This path is not a highway, a two-lane, or even paved, it does not even have a destination, it forks, it doubles back in places, and then it ends abruptly, sometimes concealing even the way back. This is my path, its guardians are Mystery and Silence.


It is always at the borders that the most interesting realities emerge, the overlaps that defy and honor the cultures from which they spring. Whether its a Postmodern Pinoy Pagan, Botswanan Metal Cowboys, or Turkish Industrial Goth, I love it. I have always had problems with so-called Futuristic tales that portray a mono-culture as utopia, or dystopia. Mono-culture is self destructive. Unfortunately, mono-culture is pervasive and seems to be Omnipresent. There are however cracks and the cracks will widen, consider the dandelion as an oracle for the way forward.

What I mean to imply is that there will always be barriers to break through on the path of growth, but this does not mean disregarding all that has gone before. Conversely for true growth, the lessons of the past are crucial, and in the intersection of past and future there is a crack available to be utilized. Inside there is fertile ground.

There is a popular viral image that made its way around the social media not so long ago, it portrayed a Venn diagram with two unconnected circles. One big circle labelled "Your Comfort Zone" and another smaller circle as far removed from the first as possible in the frame, this one labelled "Where the Magic Happens." As accurate and funny as that is, I would suggest that a more accurate Venn diagram would be two overlapping circles, both the same size. The first labelled "Your Knowledge" and the other "The Unknown", the tiny overlap would be, "Where Magic Manifests."

It matters not how much knowledge one accumulates about any subject, one will not truly understand until put into practice. This invites the unknown and challenges the budding adept, that is how experience is gained. Experience teaches adaptability and pattern recognition. Half of finding magic is having a watchful eye. Experience teaches through intersections and overlaps. Sometimes the pattern itself is revealed and everything overlaps just as the door to the unknown swings wide open. That is the moment to cherish, when Saint Serendipitous delivers hers gifts. This only happens at the Crossroads, and only for those souls who have found a light in the darkness.

There are some intersections that lead to sterility and impotence, such is to be expected. "Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit." John 15:2. Others however will yield fruit beyond imagination. Every break with the past is just a pruning that allows more branching and more intersections to occur. Bifurcation, branching, the way of Chaos. Pruning, nurturing, the way of Order. The place where these two meet is the Crossroads.


If there is a singular object or symbol that I would consider representative of my cosmology, the Mandelbrot set is probably the one. Bounded yet near infinite in all directions. Each part a reflection of the whole, yet continuously variable. Ken Wilber in A Brief History of Everything, writes of Holoarchy, where each Holon is both a part and a whole. This seems to work well with Umberto Eco's assertion that a language scheme based on the labyrinth rather than the tree offers freedom and an infinity of possibilities as each part being also whole.

This all works with the idea of the crooked path that snakes through the wilderness of the human soul. Bounded on either side by that which is not path, yet infinite in the directions it can travel. Each part of the path is a whole unto itself and yet part of something larger. One can travel the path at any speed and reach a variety of destinations and yet remain on the path. There is also always the choice to stop and spend some time getting lost in the labyrinthine depths at any point along the path. Not infinite, near infinite, a Mandelbrot set. 

The concept of the Holon is helpful here; one can say an acorn contains an oak, or that an oak contains acorns, both are true because here part and whole are equivalent. Fractals also illustrate this principle. Not infinite, near infinite. A Holoarchy is the relationship between Holons wherein each Holon at a certain level is made up of Holons of a different level. (There is no hierarchy as each part is dependent upon the other. The common model for this follows:
subatomic particles <-> atoms <-> molecules <-> macromolecules <-> organelles <-> cells <-> tissues <-> organs <-> organisms <-> communities <-> societies
In this example each Holon is a level of organization and each part is descriptive of the whole, no matter which direction you go. The top can be a bottom, a bottom can be a top, and, like a fractal, the patterns evident at one level can be similar to those at another.

The path as it reveals itself to many post-modern sorcerers is eclectic at its best and dilettantism at its
worst.For many it becomes an endless buffet of delights, each as bland and greasy as the rest, but the lights flash pretty colors and now the seasonal flavor is available. Seasonality is a two edged sword. Still others will stop and appreciate the landscape along the way, others still will see its serpentine nature, but still steer clear. The hardiest learn to see in the shadows and find She who is Light in the Darkness (En Erebos Phos.) The most foolhardy run happily into the beckoning tentacles.

Umberto Eco in his epic tome, From the Tree to the Labyrinth: Historical Studies on the Sign and Interpretation, adequately argues that the way Western (Dominant) Culture organizes language is based on the Neo-Platonist ideal of "the Tree of Knowledge". I would argue that the tree myth still dominates much of Western Occult Knowledge also. He proposes a structure more similar to a labyrinth. To illustrate this point he starts chapter one with a comparison of dictionaries and encyclopedias;
In defining a term (and its corresponding concept) the dictionary model is expected to take into account only those properties necessary and sufficient to distinguish that particular concept from others; in other words it ought to contain those properties defined by Kant as analytical (analytical being that a priori judgment in which the concept functioning as a predicate can be deduced from the definition of the subject).
To be distinguished from encyclopedias in the following manner;
This definition does not assign to the dog the properties of barking or being domesticated (because there may be dogs incapable of barking and/or hostile to to humans) and are not part of our knowledge of a language but of our knowledge of the world. They are therefore matter for the encyclopedia.
He goes on to explain the implications this has for our considerations of the metaphysical, but for now this will suffice.

The tree is helpful for differentiating between the various types of encounters one has along the path, but the labyrinth with its serpentine nature helps to more fully express the fullness of those experiences. Each part is whole and contains a pattern similar the whole. Not infinite, near infinite. There is danger here, like Theseus one must prepare a strategy for exiting the labyrinth. One must also be prepared for the wolves along the way.

So he walked for a short time by the side of Little Red Riding Hood, and then he said: 'See, Little Red Riding Hood, how pretty the flowers are about here - why do you not look round? I believe, too, that you do not hear how sweetly the little birds are singing; you walk gravely along as if you were going to school, while everything else out here in the wood is merry.'
Thus the path always returns to crossroads even if the path must be forged.


Not only must the path be forged but so to the seeker must be worked in the forge. It is said that Tubal-Cain is the progenitor of all craftspeople. Smiths, artists, writers, and magicians, we are all of the line of Tubal-Cain and therefore of Cain. Cain is rumored to have been sired by Samael, Lover/Son of Lillith. When we ignite the sacred fire in our soul this is it's source, but it goes much deeper than that.

Early on the path many a seeker identifies with the fire, the flame. The flame however is external, it
is the heat within that allows the seeker to become malleable. The soul of the seeker becomes as iron heated in Tubal's forge awaiting shaping upon the anvil. It is the hammer of the divine that shapes the seeker, but the seeker must choose to claim their right to enter the forge. As the iron is worked it is folded again and again to strengthen it. Each fold collapsing previous experience upon itself until the whole contains all parts and all parts contain some of the whole.

Through out life the seeker will be tempered each time become closer to Unobtainium or Mithril. This process of refinement, hardening the iron is the path. The path always leads through the forge. In the forge the impurities are either burned off or subsumed into the iron. All experience is either incorporated or falls away as slag.

Again and again the seeker returns, to remain malleable, to remove dross, and to keep the inner fire ignited. It is the iron in the blood, forged in a supernova millennia ago that links the seeker to both the inner fire and the stars. As above, so below.


As above, so below. This also goes the other way. As below, so above. The part contains the information of the whole that contains the part which in of itself is whole. Not infinite, near infinite. What does this mean for the seeker? The underworld and the empyrean are but reflections of each other. Whither is heaven or hell? All depends on where one's soul does dwell.

According to some of the inner teachings of Freemasonry (which claims lineage from Tubal-Cain), and in particular the book Freemasonry and Catholicism by Max Heindel, Cain and Seth (Adam and Eve's third son) represent the two branches of humanity. Cain having actually been fathered by Lucifer's General, Samael, and Seth being the second born of two human parents (Abel being the first.) The sons and daughters of Cain, and subsequently Tubal-Cain, have souls of fire, and the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve's third son Seth, derived souls of water from Jehovah. Samael's progeny are of the Earth and Fire, Jehovah's of Air and Water. Every part a mirror of the other. If one's soul is born of Fire and Earth, Water and Air would be anathema. So too if one were born of Water and Air, and subjected to Fire and Earth.

As the seeker approaches the Crossroads, benefit will most gained by seeking the path that corresponds to the nature of the seekers soul. This can also be symbolized by the goat and the lamb. Goats are wily, wild, and quite libidinous. Sheep are docile, dependent, and helpless without the flock. Samael is the Goat headed One and represents earthly knowledge, i.e. craft, science. Jehovah represents the sheep that has had its fire dampened by the Water of Heaven. Separate the goats from the sheep, indeed. Each path is valid, as above so below, and vice versa.

At the crossroads, I am presented with three choices, The Highway to Big Box Moral Bankruptcy, The Four-Lane to the Pasture of the Flock, or the thin Goat Path that leads to the Northern Mountains. This the same choice, with cultural variances for each seeker of the path. Each part contains knowledge of the whole and the whole contains each part which is whole in itself. Not infinite, near infinite.

I must go the Sabbatic Goat beckons...


Sunday, October 4, 2015

By the Waters of Life Restore My Soul

There is a world of difference between bathing for ritual and a Bathing Ritual.

At 5:23 a.m. I awoke. I knew what I had to do. The instructions came in dreams induced by herbal decoctions in form of tisanes and also inhaled as Sacred Smoke. Sts. Cyprian and Michael gave me the instruction.

So I began boiling water, an entire kettle for the herb bath. Half a handful of Skullcap, a handful of Spearmint, and three large pinches of Barberry root. After the kettle sang I set this to steep in the steaming vessel.

Then I put on a pot with three gallons in it and let come to a boil. Meanwhile I read from the Book of John, as I had been previously instructed by St. Cyprian.

When this pot began to boil (not quite rolling), I set it aside and began boiling a third pot with five gallons of water in it. While I waited I sang Lord of the Dance and finished my previous blog post. As the water reached a good strong rolling boil, I prepared a scrub of rose petals, salt, and honey.

I began at sunrise with establishing a sacred space and the recitation of prayers,. Afterwards I entered between the flames of Madre Huesa and Erzengel Michael. Then I applied the scrub. I did my initial rinse with the warm herb infusion, followed by five bowls of cold water. After the salt scrub had been thoroughly rinsed and had intermingled with the herbal  solution, I added the first pot of warm water. again I rinsed five times. The boiling water was added slowly to avoid injury. I then did another round of prayers and holy songs, I soaked until the water was cold.

The tub was drained while reciting more prayers. Final rinse with bowls of cold water. Then I sat on a towel on the floor basking in the sun streaming through my open window. When dry, I said a final round of prayers and thanked all spirits High and Low that attended for their presence. 

I feel very vital, alive, and infused with spirit. Have a blessed day.

Tools of the Craft

It's about  time for my annual High Mowing Ritual, which happens to coincide with the autumnal equinox.I love the word equinox; it literally means "equal night", beautiful. There is no logical explanation for this coincidence of events, it just feels right. My excitement is heightened this year by two events, both blog related. First was this absolutely wonderful piece from Jen Rue, entitled Tools of the Game. I have been considering the magic of tools recently, there is much in world fairy lore about tools; more on that in a bit. It was after I read this reflection on Dark Ecology by Paul Kingsnorth, who was brought to my attention by the good Aidan, that I discovered what my next tool shall be; a scythe.



To decide to take on the role of Bodenehemann or "Land Husband" is a commitment to listen and be rewarded with unexpected rewards. To take this liminal role as a boundary keeper, bridging the gap between wild and domestic is a responsibility to also maintain balance. We are the last defense on both sides.

As I dream about next years adventure with a scythe, I prepare for this year's last of the season mowing. Looking about the property I notice an amazing thing, a forest is growing. I have been combining, forest gardening, native species rehabilitation and a hands off approach, to slowly achieve a balance between my needs and the needs of the community of life in This Place. Squirrels will provide an example.

Sciurus Niger, the humble Fox Squirrel, hated by birders and gardeners alike, this lovely fiend has become one of my greatest allies. I used to fret about the competition for pecans and acorns, until I paid attention to what was actually happening in my yard. Squirrels do not eat dry pecans, they don't. They eat green pecans, and bury dry pecans. in the spring when the pecans sprout they dig them up and eat the small green tree. Squirrels are gardeners. This stunning realization coupled with the presence of pecan trees and oak trees in places that I had not planted in, lead me to reassess my relationship with squirrel. Now we have an arrangement, I don't gather pecans until late in the season, and squirrel plants trees and trim the ends of the branches. When I first saw a squirrel chewing the end of a branch I thought it was damaging it, turns out it works like pruning. The tree responds to the stress by producing more branches, which produce more pecans, brilliant. The pecans I gather by the way are still clinging to green husks, way out on the end of low hanging branches, easy for me to pick and unsafe for squirrel to fall from so close to the ground where the predators are. the pecans are usually bigger sweeter and still moist sometimes, definitely worth the wait. I only gather acorns every other year. Added bonus, I get to cull the squirrel population.

Every part of the property has it's own needs and arrangements. At first I thought I was sacrificing too much, but once I learned certain things like brush pile away from the house give rodents somewhere else to stay in the winter than in your house. Also putting said brush into the arroyo will cut down on erosion and save topsoil. I don't rake until spring, by then it is a great mulch that has helped seedlings stay warm all winter. I pile it up in spring and let it melt into the yard throughout the year. Nature wastes nothing. Slowly I have begun building "islands" small areas that are a mixture of whatever blew in on the wind, native plants and certain herbs that I cultivate surrounded by a border of rocks or logs from the property or neighboring properties. These become hands off zones where I let nature do its thing. As time goes by I am learning more and more about how to integrate into the environment. A rewilding of the physical and the spiritual aspects of myself and the land.



Shotguns and sigil shoaling work on very similar principles, by firing multiple projectiles all at once you are more likely to hit the target. Take it another step and dress your shotgun shells with sigils. then make targets of the sigils themselves and fire the gun at them. Each level adds energy. I plan on doing this, but using a barrel as the target. afterwards I will cut the barrel in half and make two fire containers further adding to the enchantment.

Do not think that this is willy-nilly random firing, no just like hunting, magic works better with target practice, a calm hand, a steady eye, and breath control. You are still definitely aiming for a target, your are just increasing your odds of hitting it. This approach can also be accomplished by combining techniques, Materia, invocation, sigil shoaling, micro- and macro-enchantments, candle magic, and spirit work are all combined whenever I launch a magical campaign. Volume is the key.

Fire works and explosives are also handy for energizing sigils and releasing spells. At new years every year we set off two large strands of fireworks with prayers of prosperity and health attached. This year we used incense sticks to light them. We written sigils and intentions on balloons with corn starch in them, thrown into a fire they make fireballs. Sky rockets, bottle rockets, and roman candles can all be utilized. Shotgun Spells are about a multi pronged attack and explosive results.



It's time to get back into the underworld.Time to reacquaint with root and bone. The bare essentials of life and death. Back down into the Unterwelt, to work with Hermekate, the grand androgyne of dark alchemy, deep shadow work. My guides on this Journey will the ever present Madre Hueso, the Necro Saint, San Cipriano, and San Lazarus. Down into the earth.

Earth magic is where one finds the overlap between the sacred and the mundane. More precisely it is where you find that the mundane is the most sacred of all. The Lord of Earth, Auld Hornie, never lets you forget this and thus is feared. To accept your animal nature is the beginning of liberation, not a block against it. To get down into the dirt is to literally get down into yourself.



I have knives to consecrate, a scythe to purchase, and a machete to bless. Every tool I possess is sacred to me. I develop a bond, a trust with my tools.  Some tools, like those previously mentioned are used for day to day matters, and others are only used for ritual purposes. Some like my zymurgy supplies and my knives transcend both worlds.

As I said at the beginning of the year, this has been the Year of Knives, and cutting year it has been, I see a very definite rift forming in global society between those aware of our global society and those who aren't. Change is inevitable and like urban coyotes, we need to adjust to our new surroundings. For the Magi, I believe that like the Cook County Coyotes we to must become like ghosts. Operating just out of sight, but our effect can still be felt. Our cunning is our best tool.

Cunning just like knives has a sharp edge that will quickly remove the unnecessary. Coupled with Knowledge , cunning becomes a multi tool and a sword at the same time. Your tool kit is comprised of many things, both physical and non material, it is important to keep them all shiny and sharp. When did you last do an inventory on your toolbox? Sometimes we find things we didn't even know we were missing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Armageddon Out of Here

I'm done with Apocalypse Culture. Labels are helpful but they can also enchant the mind. We only have what we have always had, right now. This is augmented by nearly instantaneous global communication. Sure, humanity can now see what the sum total of its civilization has cost the planet, but we can also see where to fix problems first. For the first time in history we have the capability to coordinate global efforts to heal and transform the planet. Make no mistake, it will never be the same, but when has it ever been the same? What level of restoration do we achieve? Do we bring back dinosaurs and surrender the planet to them? Perhaps we should consider our impact as a stresser  in every decision made about the planets future. Either way we have always been here, life is nothing more than a set of transitions book-ended by two more transitions. Forever folding in upon itself or forever expanding, ultimately it is the same thing.

Watch this video by Arthur C. Clarke about fractals. Bonus: David Gilmour does some of the soundtrack. The Mandelbrot set is to my mind the best model for the structure of spirit available. Fractal Geometry, combined with Hindu concept of Brahma manifesting in to Maya, and the Voudon concept of Lao as spectral continuum (much like Q in Star Trek Next Generation), has greatly illuminated my understanding and efficacy with the entities of the Occidental Grimoire tradition.


Come with me, I have something to show you. Look upon the world and all its doomsayers. notice how they sift through the entrails of Behemoth and Leviathan vaingloriously searching for signs of hope and solace. I have a secret to share; the beasts are dead. Let that image sit with you a while, and contemplate this; why does infinity frighten humanity?

Time is mysterious to three dimensional beings such as ourselves, it appears to be linear and cyclical. Unlike space which we can perceive omindirectionally, time seems limited to us. The existence of fourth dimensional beings would go a long way towards explaining paranormal and Magonian occurrences. Fey, aliens, angels, demons, etc., could all be either entities or intelligences of a fourth dimensional nature that are interacting with time as easily as we interact with air. Our inability to percieve something does not negate its existence, this is the arrogance of science. As Mutant Mages, Witches, Sorcerors, Sacred Artists, Reality Engineers, et al, we know all to well the fallacy of assumption.

Time for us to confront the Elder Gods of Deep Space, communing with the natural spirits of this world is fine but we are cosmic beings also. Like the early christians who demonized the daemon, so to did Lovecraft present a horrifying vision of what he could not comprehend. Fear is the mind killer. Instead of the fearsome great Old Ones, let me introduce Aditi and Ptah. Aditi is the Hindu Primal Goddess, who is boundless space itself that gives birth and form to all things, the void from which all things are borne, Ain in Qabala. Ptah on the other hand is Egyptian, and is considered to be the primal reality and primal creator, or Architect. His eyes are said to be filled with stars and reflect the infinity of space. He is also believed to be the eternal moment of creation manifest, Ain Soph Aur. Cosmic Gods and Goddesses await you, personally I work with Mother Void, and the Architect.


Develop a physical aspect to your spiritual practice. Not only will it give you a more grounded perspective, but it will actually improve your overall performance. I strongly recommend, Walking Meditation, known as the Peripatetic Method. Aristotle was known for conducting his teachings while walking  the Lycium Gymnasium in Athens. He believed this helped to achieve a necessary balance between physical and mental activity. Others point to its ability to achieve " the perfect balance between peace of mind and energy of movement." There are Meetup groups in some places that do exactly this, I recommend that if you have the capability then start your own group. can you imagine the faces of other walkers or joggers as they come across a group having discussions about Goetic invocation techniques, the best herbs for spirit communication, or using bones for divination? (People in and around Austin, TX, if you are interested in this drop me a line.)

Not only does walking facilitate learning, the physiological evidence is very encouraging, as are the psychological benefits. The upside of all of this that you brain will function better and that will have a positive effect on your magical work. You don't need a group, daily walks while thinking are great for exploring topics. A meditation on death while walking around a duck pond filled with fish can open your eyes in ways that sitting in a dark room will not. (Not to dismiss the power of darkness.) Walking is not the only exercise that will benefit your practice.

Martial arts will not only help you to get closer to Red Gods and Goddesses, those beings of strength and conflict, but will teach you discipline, a necessary component to the Craft. I recommend sword play, as it requires strength, balance, and poise, plus you learn how to use a weapon.

Body play can also teach one much about boundaries and the capabilities of the human body. Whereas I personally believe in the benefit of these practices, I do not recommend them to every one. Physical and mental health are absolutely imperative. Working with skilled and trained professionals is also a MUST. Above all else remember, Safe, Sane, Consensual. Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way I will share some of what I have done, to illustrate what I mean by Body Play. Typically this term is limited to Tattooing, Scarification, and Body Piercing. I would add, fire-walking, skydiving, prolonged sexual activity, sleep deprivation, extended drumming and chanting, dancing to exhaustion and fasting. Obviously many of these you can do on your own and with out much instruction, but always seek advice first.


It has been said that nature abhors a vacuum, she doesn't seem too keen on singularities either; no multiplicity and infinity are her game. As time swirls around us and continues to elude our ability to develop a full understanding of it, so too our ability to foresee its twists and turns. Our whole global consciousness seems to be caught up in the habit of reducing everything to a false dichotomy. This serves to distract from the reality through a process of abstraction. Not many things are as simple as two diametrically opposed equally abstract concepts. In that spirit, I want to present possibilities for the future, based on articles from differing points of view. Read them and decide for yourself. Really do take the time to read them, there are very interesting things happening.

The internet may be alive, or will be soon. This is either exciting, or the worst thing EVVAARR. The answer is far more complicated and messy. One thing everyone seems certain of is that Internet will be alive, if not now soon. Where are the voices of dissent? Why does this seem a forgone conclusion? Maybe our planet really is just one constantly evolving computational device designed to solve one problem.

Speaking of aliens, I have previously mentioned, the presence of aliens among us, and NASA's announcement concerning alien life, but what if we found portals to parallel multiverses? Maybe this is how these beings travel about so quickly? Seems we are about to find out if we can travel about quickly. Either way it seems to have been built for purposes other than just figuring out if certain subatomic particles exist or not.

Utopia or Dystopia? How about Justopia? That in between place that includes multiplicity and possibility. Many tales of the future feature the same myopic vision, total dominance by a monoculture. Nothing in my experience of life points to simplification over time, only complexity. Just as the sorceror who pokes his head into alternate spaces cannot claim to understand the totality of that other multiverse, neithar can scientist claim to have anything more than a model of universe or the ocean floor. Maps of the moon are more detailed than maps of the ocean floor.

This is the only thing I know with certainty about the future, there will be one. I definitely think we should work on fixing some of our bigger mistakes, but it is impossible to what the consequences of that will be, we will have to wait for another revelation. You know maybe I'm not done with Apocalypse Culture after all, perhaps as I have mentioned before what I am over, is Armageddon.