Sunday, October 4, 2015

By the Waters of Life Restore My Soul

There is a world of difference between bathing for ritual and a Bathing Ritual.

At 5:23 a.m. I awoke. I knew what I had to do. The instructions came in dreams induced by herbal decoctions in form of tisanes and also inhaled as Sacred Smoke. Sts. Cyprian and Michael gave me the instruction.

So I began boiling water, an entire kettle for the herb bath. Half a handful of Skullcap, a handful of Spearmint, and three large pinches of Barberry root. After the kettle sang I set this to steep in the steaming vessel.

Then I put on a pot with three gallons in it and let come to a boil. Meanwhile I read from the Book of John, as I had been previously instructed by St. Cyprian.

When this pot began to boil (not quite rolling), I set it aside and began boiling a third pot with five gallons of water in it. While I waited I sang Lord of the Dance and finished my previous blog post. As the water reached a good strong rolling boil, I prepared a scrub of rose petals, salt, and honey.

I began at sunrise with establishing a sacred space and the recitation of prayers,. Afterwards I entered between the flames of Madre Huesa and Erzengel Michael. Then I applied the scrub. I did my initial rinse with the warm herb infusion, followed by five bowls of cold water. After the salt scrub had been thoroughly rinsed and had intermingled with the herbal  solution, I added the first pot of warm water. again I rinsed five times. The boiling water was added slowly to avoid injury. I then did another round of prayers and holy songs, I soaked until the water was cold.

The tub was drained while reciting more prayers. Final rinse with bowls of cold water. Then I sat on a towel on the floor basking in the sun streaming through my open window. When dry, I said a final round of prayers and thanked all spirits High and Low that attended for their presence. 

I feel very vital, alive, and infused with spirit. Have a blessed day.

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