Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Armageddon Out of Here

I'm done with Apocalypse Culture. Labels are helpful but they can also enchant the mind. We only have what we have always had, right now. This is augmented by nearly instantaneous global communication. Sure, humanity can now see what the sum total of its civilization has cost the planet, but we can also see where to fix problems first. For the first time in history we have the capability to coordinate global efforts to heal and transform the planet. Make no mistake, it will never be the same, but when has it ever been the same? What level of restoration do we achieve? Do we bring back dinosaurs and surrender the planet to them? Perhaps we should consider our impact as a stresser  in every decision made about the planets future. Either way we have always been here, life is nothing more than a set of transitions book-ended by two more transitions. Forever folding in upon itself or forever expanding, ultimately it is the same thing.

Watch this video by Arthur C. Clarke about fractals. Bonus: David Gilmour does some of the soundtrack. The Mandelbrot set is to my mind the best model for the structure of spirit available. Fractal Geometry, combined with Hindu concept of Brahma manifesting in to Maya, and the Voudon concept of Lao as spectral continuum (much like Q in Star Trek Next Generation), has greatly illuminated my understanding and efficacy with the entities of the Occidental Grimoire tradition.


Come with me, I have something to show you. Look upon the world and all its doomsayers. notice how they sift through the entrails of Behemoth and Leviathan vaingloriously searching for signs of hope and solace. I have a secret to share; the beasts are dead. Let that image sit with you a while, and contemplate this; why does infinity frighten humanity?

Time is mysterious to three dimensional beings such as ourselves, it appears to be linear and cyclical. Unlike space which we can perceive omindirectionally, time seems limited to us. The existence of fourth dimensional beings would go a long way towards explaining paranormal and Magonian occurrences. Fey, aliens, angels, demons, etc., could all be either entities or intelligences of a fourth dimensional nature that are interacting with time as easily as we interact with air. Our inability to percieve something does not negate its existence, this is the arrogance of science. As Mutant Mages, Witches, Sorcerors, Sacred Artists, Reality Engineers, et al, we know all to well the fallacy of assumption.

Time for us to confront the Elder Gods of Deep Space, communing with the natural spirits of this world is fine but we are cosmic beings also. Like the early christians who demonized the daemon, so to did Lovecraft present a horrifying vision of what he could not comprehend. Fear is the mind killer. Instead of the fearsome great Old Ones, let me introduce Aditi and Ptah. Aditi is the Hindu Primal Goddess, who is boundless space itself that gives birth and form to all things, the void from which all things are borne, Ain in Qabala. Ptah on the other hand is Egyptian, and is considered to be the primal reality and primal creator, or Architect. His eyes are said to be filled with stars and reflect the infinity of space. He is also believed to be the eternal moment of creation manifest, Ain Soph Aur. Cosmic Gods and Goddesses await you, personally I work with Mother Void, and the Architect.


Develop a physical aspect to your spiritual practice. Not only will it give you a more grounded perspective, but it will actually improve your overall performance. I strongly recommend, Walking Meditation, known as the Peripatetic Method. Aristotle was known for conducting his teachings while walking  the Lycium Gymnasium in Athens. He believed this helped to achieve a necessary balance between physical and mental activity. Others point to its ability to achieve " the perfect balance between peace of mind and energy of movement." There are Meetup groups in some places that do exactly this, I recommend that if you have the capability then start your own group. can you imagine the faces of other walkers or joggers as they come across a group having discussions about Goetic invocation techniques, the best herbs for spirit communication, or using bones for divination? (People in and around Austin, TX, if you are interested in this drop me a line.)

Not only does walking facilitate learning, the physiological evidence is very encouraging, as are the psychological benefits. The upside of all of this that you brain will function better and that will have a positive effect on your magical work. You don't need a group, daily walks while thinking are great for exploring topics. A meditation on death while walking around a duck pond filled with fish can open your eyes in ways that sitting in a dark room will not. (Not to dismiss the power of darkness.) Walking is not the only exercise that will benefit your practice.

Martial arts will not only help you to get closer to Red Gods and Goddesses, those beings of strength and conflict, but will teach you discipline, a necessary component to the Craft. I recommend sword play, as it requires strength, balance, and poise, plus you learn how to use a weapon.

Body play can also teach one much about boundaries and the capabilities of the human body. Whereas I personally believe in the benefit of these practices, I do not recommend them to every one. Physical and mental health are absolutely imperative. Working with skilled and trained professionals is also a MUST. Above all else remember, Safe, Sane, Consensual. Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way I will share some of what I have done, to illustrate what I mean by Body Play. Typically this term is limited to Tattooing, Scarification, and Body Piercing. I would add, fire-walking, skydiving, prolonged sexual activity, sleep deprivation, extended drumming and chanting, dancing to exhaustion and fasting. Obviously many of these you can do on your own and with out much instruction, but always seek advice first.


It has been said that nature abhors a vacuum, she doesn't seem too keen on singularities either; no multiplicity and infinity are her game. As time swirls around us and continues to elude our ability to develop a full understanding of it, so too our ability to foresee its twists and turns. Our whole global consciousness seems to be caught up in the habit of reducing everything to a false dichotomy. This serves to distract from the reality through a process of abstraction. Not many things are as simple as two diametrically opposed equally abstract concepts. In that spirit, I want to present possibilities for the future, based on articles from differing points of view. Read them and decide for yourself. Really do take the time to read them, there are very interesting things happening.

The internet may be alive, or will be soon. This is either exciting, or the worst thing EVVAARR. The answer is far more complicated and messy. One thing everyone seems certain of is that Internet will be alive, if not now soon. Where are the voices of dissent? Why does this seem a forgone conclusion? Maybe our planet really is just one constantly evolving computational device designed to solve one problem.

Speaking of aliens, I have previously mentioned, the presence of aliens among us, and NASA's announcement concerning alien life, but what if we found portals to parallel multiverses? Maybe this is how these beings travel about so quickly? Seems we are about to find out if we can travel about quickly. Either way it seems to have been built for purposes other than just figuring out if certain subatomic particles exist or not.

Utopia or Dystopia? How about Justopia? That in between place that includes multiplicity and possibility. Many tales of the future feature the same myopic vision, total dominance by a monoculture. Nothing in my experience of life points to simplification over time, only complexity. Just as the sorceror who pokes his head into alternate spaces cannot claim to understand the totality of that other multiverse, neithar can scientist claim to have anything more than a model of universe or the ocean floor. Maps of the moon are more detailed than maps of the ocean floor.

This is the only thing I know with certainty about the future, there will be one. I definitely think we should work on fixing some of our bigger mistakes, but it is impossible to what the consequences of that will be, we will have to wait for another revelation. You know maybe I'm not done with Apocalypse Culture after all, perhaps as I have mentioned before what I am over, is Armageddon.

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