Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cthulhu Heart Chakra Meditation

There in the dark I saw Mahakala dancing through a hail storm as Thor in his goat drawn cart beat out lightning with Mjöllnir. On past Hecate at the crossroads smoking cigars with Legba, to cross the cemetery where the Grateful dead invite me to feast. Tonight's errand takes me further still, I promise to return, everyone does they say. There beneath the dolmen, on past Weyland the Qayin's forge, deeper still I must travel. Finally I stand before Gwynn Ap Nudd, so saturnal in demeanor. He knows why I have come, to find the way in. He informs me that I must take to wild places, skyclad and wild with drunken ecstasy, then I will find what I long for; freedom. So back to the surface I must go and quest for the Wyld Wood....

 For extra fun listen to all three of these videos at once, adjust the individual volume as needed.

Trust me on this. Do some Pranayama and Mindfulness Meditation. Sound is powerful. This one is for you Joseph Shuffield.

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