Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hekatean Dynamics

    The Goddess Hekate, the goddess of crossroads, key bearer and torch bearer with hounds baying at her feet. Mistress of the shadow realms, Goddess of witch craft, and psycho-pomp, fairly impressive resume, wouldn't you say? There are other aspects as well, triple formed goddess of Earth, Sea. and Sky. The Creatrix of Light,The Light in the Darkness. In Greece she was known by many titles, Apotropaia (that turns away/protects)[1],Chthonia (of the earth/underworld)[2],Enodia (on the way)[3], Klêidouchos (holding the keys)[4], Kourotrophos (nurse of children)[4], Phosphoros (bringing or giving light)[4], Propolos (who serves/attends)[4], Propulaia/Propylaia (before the gate)[5], Soteira (savior)[6], Trimorphe (three-formed)[4], Triodia/Trioditis (who frequents crossroads)[4], and many others which have probably been forgotten to time. Some believe her to be of Thracian origin while others , such as William Berg believe she may have originated among the Carians of Anatolia. According to Berg Her name was even given to children, "Since children are not called after spooks, it is safe to assume that Carian theophoric names involving hekat- refer to a major deity free from the dark and unsavoury ties to the underworld and to witchcraft associated with the Hecate of classical Athens."[7] 
    Although Hekate has many aspects, and a rich and varied history, I would like primarily to discuss my personal relationship with her as Hekate Kleiduchos. Since I made a pact with Hekate, the details of which I cannot divulge, many things have happened all at once. First to come to my attention was this project, The Hekatean Prayer Book,   which aligns perfectly with where I am at in life and where I want to go. Then I get a call from a colleague, that opens a door to do some more of the kind of work I want to do. At this point I am not making money, but doors are opening and connections are being made, which what one would expect working with a key bearer. I continue to be amazed by how magickal my life has been in general, but especially lately. It's not just the business opportunities either, everywhere in every aspect the synchronicities are overwhelming. Hekate her self keeps popping up everywhere (true to the law of contagion) even for people who do not consider themselves devotees. I continue to get to know this energy that has been calling me since I first took an oath beneath the oaks on a full moon, some 30 years ago, in many ways both subtle and not so subtle. The crossroads have always been a mark of my magick and my art, as well as keys and torches, but until I acknowledged Hekate as progenitor of all this, everything was flat. Now through my personal relationship with her there is an intimacy and immediacy to my work that allows me to feel the flow. My work and my magick are one and the same, and they have become as natural as breathing.
    Due to my increased understanding and confidence with magick in general and Hekatean magick specifically, I have decided to undertake a series of elemental workings. I will chronicle  my efforts and results here as a testimonial and a scientific record. The difference between screwing around and science is writing it down, at least according to a certain social media meme attributed to that guy from Myth Busters. So I will try to be as scientific as possible about a subject most esoteric. So stay tuned to the chronicles of the Hairy Wortcunner from Texas, it will be exciting y'all.

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