Sunday, July 14, 2013

Opening the Gates of Air

New Moon Air Working  

At the last new moon, I began my series of elemental workings by performing a short Air ritual. This ritual was designed simply as a beginning, a gate opener if you will. I won't go into all the details  as they are unnecessary for understanding my undertaking. Suffice to say that a triple flame was involved which opened a rainbow gate, and the flashing of said flame aided in imprinting my sigil. Later that night I was awakened by a dream wherein I was shown all my faults and how to work on them, deep shadow magick. So the work begins. A series of Hypnagogic dreams follows over the next few days. One involves going down into Kiva and being told by the Elders to use my gifts more wisely to be a Spirit Guide. In one dream Grandmother Root tells me that I belong to her and as one of hers she will teach me the plant ways through the spirit.

The strangest dream came last night, one day before my next working. Thoth, Egyptian God of Scribes and Magick, and beloved of Crowley (this is important for reasons that I will explain shortly) appears to me in a desert in the East. He shows me my natal chart, and begins to explain that the preponderance of my planets being in Gemini, my birth sign, makes me naturally inclined to the magickal arts. Thoth then goes goes on to explain that my birth-date, May 29th, is the Day of Quicksilver, which further reinforces this current. He admonishes me to stop denying myself and urges me to drink from a fountain that I had not previously noticed. After slaking my now overwhelming thirst I see a tapestry hanging between two palms, Thoth urges me to approach and enter. The tapestry has a symbol on it which I now know is the symbol of Shamash, the Sumerian Sun God. This where the Crowley connection becomes important. I go behind the veil where I meet the High Priestess, seated upon a throne that resembles a winged lion. She tells me that to unlock the portal for the next level of my work I must begin performing Resh. This startles me a little, as I am not now nor have ever been an aspirant to the OTO. Like most pagans and magickians of the twentieth century, I have read Crowley's works, probably more than most who have not joined the Temple, but I remain firmly secure in my solitary practice. In my dream I ask why  a God and Goddess of the Moon would be leading me to solar adoration. The answer was that they knew I would trust these forms. Upon hearing this I awoke. Unable to return to sleep immediately I decide to check my Facebook news feed, where I found this article by T. Thorn Coyle.  I was floored.

Now I am doing Resh, and preparing for my next working Tuesday night on the first quarter moon. I am excited and nervous about what the future holds, but I began this work to gain a deeper insight, and so I shall see it through to the end. I do not know what the sign of my grade is, nor do I have a superior that has taught me any adoration, but I can meditate and I can assume god forms. Where this is leading, I am not sure, but I have confidence in my endeavours. As always I will keep you informed as to my progress. Keep up the Great Work. Blessed Be!

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