Friday, November 8, 2013

Hillbilly Hoodoo and Other Magical Meanderings

There are many currents crossing and composting in my psycho-spiritual world currently. Many fine readings over at the Autonomous Individuals Network. This is what one branch of TOPY has evolved into, which has become reborn  under Genesis P-Orridge's care into the One True Topi Tribe. Ultraculture also has much fine cerebral stimulants for the discerning psychonaut. I am glad to see that Chaos is alive and thriving.

In a more traditional vein I offer up the following, ConjureMan Ali's book on St Cyprian. This saint is probably the absolute best of the Mighty Dead to work with in American Hoodoo. If you want some really deep Pomba Gira, Santeria, Palo style education, check out Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold's blog The Starry Cave

If you want all out freaky check out Labanna Babalon; you'll thank me in the morning.
Or this wonderfully surreal bit from MGMT:
The world is spinning out of control and beautiful visions are filling my dreamspace. My shamanic starship is set to full tilt and I don't plan on touching down anytime soon. I will soon be be presenting a lengthy and scholarly post about the benefits of being a Solitary Witch in the Occidental Esoteric Tradition, wherein i will profess my undying love of all things from the Crispy Fringe. Stay tuned my dear lovelies, IT just keeps getting weirder and wilder. Pax, Amor, Lux.

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