Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Waters of Rebirth- An Open Source Magick

My latest adventures with the element of water have lead me to some of the most wonderful depths within myself. I have finally realized why no coven, group or lodge has ever been right for me, no matter how much I might like part of the system the whole thing never FELT right. That my friends has opened doors previously closed and revealed immense vistas for exploration. Until I understood how much the Great Work depends on Love, I was unable to progress. Love does not abuse, love is strong enough to pursue Joy Unabashed. Love will instruct the soul's path through the heart. Without this element passion is scorching but joyless, inspiration becomes mental masturbation, only coupled with love can the other elements rise towards manifestation.

I have decided to devise my own system and share the results here, however I invite you to join the journey. Starting May 1st, for no other reason than its my birth month, I will begin detailing a program for defining your own system.After that I will share my own projects between the first and fifteenth of each month and together we will form own Magicks, free from cultural baggage. An, Open Source Magick, if you will.

I recommend studying as much as possible, seek inspiration everywhere. I find my own inspiration in topics as diverse as Chaos Magick, Thelema, Voudon, Tantra, HooDoo, Traditional Witchcraft, Hedge-witchery, Shamanism, Pronoia, and the Church of the Subgenius. My teachers consist of Jung, RAW, Rob Brezsny, Lao Tzu, Peter Carroll, Allen Ginsberg, Mark Twain, and Santa Claus. If you want to do some pre-study, I recommend the following books:
1.Pronoia by Rob Brezsny
2.The One Year Manual by Dr. Israel Regardie
3.Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland
4.Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation & Other Devices by Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt
5. The Magicians Companion  and The Magicians Reflection by Bill Whitcomb

These are in no particular order are not necessary, just extra credit if you will. I shall be posting the first installment soon, stay tuned. As always I shall keep you apprised of progress with the Elemental Workings.

"All for one and each man for himself." - The Black Adder

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