Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Apocalypse of Quantum Delights

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland 

I find it odd how the accepted meaning of the word apocalypse went from having a root in revelatory knowledge to one of eschatological tones. That in and of itself is a revelation. Revelation can be destructive especially when they uproot deeply held beliefs, some do not survive the journey. It helps to have some form of mythic structure in place, makes navigation a little easier. Sometimes the shifts are easier like a series of small quakes instead of one huge one and subsequent aftershocks. I am currently experiencing a small scale apocalypse, but one that is opening doors of wonderment.


I don't have to tell you how bad things are, that's what the daily news is for; you know, the regularly scheduled programming. That's not even the full story and it's pretty grim. In between the collapsing economies and the extreme environment, there are bright shining stars, beckoning us out there into the great beyond. NASA announcing in May about there certainty of finding signs of alien life within a decade, remember President Kennedy said the same thing about going to the moon and it happened right on time. There is probably much more to this story than we are being told, as evidenced in this quote from Chief NASA Scientist, Ellen Stofan :
"We know where to look. We know how to look," she said. "In most cases, we have the technology, and we're on a path to implementing it. And so I think we're definitely on the road."
NASA knows where to look? Sounds very MIB to me, but I tend to be suspicious. Either way exciting news.It will literally change the way that humanity  views itself and its place in the universe. This sparked a renewed interest in UFOs and other high weirdness, so when Gordon started a discussion of Space Shamanry, my interest was immediately piqued.


Having been primed and open to suggestion, it does not surprise me that the next course of events unfolded as it did . It all started with a simple article about Octopuses. Basically geneticists have decided that octopuses might as well be aliens given how weird their DNA is. That dovetails nicely with several pet theories of mine.

Shortly after reading the aforementioned article about alien octopuses, I stumbled onto Gordon's list of films for Space Shamans. In the beginning I went through the list and ticked off all that I had already seen and then I compiled a list of what was left. On that list was Europa Report, I had not seen it. So I made a date with myself to watch Europa Report late at night alone. Remember the mention of Europa in the article about NASA expecting to find alien life? Yeah, it gets weirder, more synchronous. The movie is slow, but highly believable, so I stayed interested. I won't reveal everything for those that have not seen it, but I will give you a hint, tentacles.

Gobsmacked would be an understatement, this was revelation, apocalypse. Something shifted in a major way. If we are going to explore space we need to develop a mythology to guide us. Read Gordon's blog, watch the films, add to the conversation.


In days past, I would get overly excited after receiving a revelation like this, now a days my approach is much different. After a session of ritual that seems to open doors or a sudden revelation as the result of noticing the omens where they occur, I like to ground and restore myself. There are many methods for doing this, Aidan describes a particularly beautiful and rich ritual that belies its simplicity.There is power here learn to use it.

If Aidan's ritual does not appeal to you, I strongly recommend T Thorn Coyle's book Crafting A Daily Practice. This book has been very beneficial to me, daily ritual practice helps to keep me grounded and has increased my powers of concentration. Doing this practice of grounding lets me review my notes and develop an informed opinion of the mechanisms at play. This  apocalypse has lead to the discovery that two different fields of personal research may in fact only be one field. This has deep reaching implications.

Now the Mutant Mage Dirt Sorceror is left to contemplate Space Shamanry. I feel compelled to release sigils via rockets, and to study the connections between Crop circles and Magical circles. Like the Tabula Rasa of the surrealist manifests at Burning Man so to must our Sorcerous visions populate space. Perhaps we could begin now with Space Shaman Fertility Rituals. I think I will stick with the rockets.

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