Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Intersections, Flux, and Fertility

So one of my Facebook feeds put forth this question of ones definition of their path and its origins. I liked this question so much that I used it as inspiration for this post. My self definition went something along the lines of; Solitary, Open Source, Thelemite, Chaote, and Shamanic Traditional Hedgewitch.How I got here is a rather long tale, and if I ever tell it all , I will write a book. My purpose rather is tell you, dear reader, of the things that inform my path and perhaps shed a small beam of light into my own Stygian Depths.

Intersections, Intersections, Intersections

O Eleggua! Open the crossroads so that I may pass,
Jai! Ganapati! Remove the obstacles from my path,
Blessed St. Peter, Open the Gates,
Great Goddess Hekate, Guide me through the crossroads Hour,
Cenllysg Brighid,Tell me where I've been and where I'll go,
May the Blessings of the Crossroads keep me ever finding Moksha.

Ah, the crossroads, so much has been written about what to do once your there, but so little about how to access that liminal space. I will not insult you by prescribing a ritual, I'll let you devise that technology yourself, you're clever, you'll come up with something. I love intersections. Those crazy places where things overlap, where strange collisions morph into collusions, and for one brief instant the whole of Universe may be glimpsed, perhaps even briefly unite with and merge into the Numinous Void. Not Jazz Fusion that is a forced intersection, no I'm talking about those accidental spaces. Spaces that crop up at the bus stop, when the homeless woman you've never seen before turns and looks at you. You out of everyone there and she says, " This world is a whorehouse and we're all whores! WHORES!WHORES!" She doesn't get on the bus and you never see her again, but you understand. Intersections in time and space, where everything seems slightly out of place and yet also strangely perfect.

Jimi Hendrix on the Gayageum , Franken-berry and Count Chocula flying spaceships, the loveliness that is Electro-Pagan, HooDoo, VooDoo, and Santeria, these and many other cultural crossroads are all forms of syncretism. In expressions of art and culture this is known as eclecticism. These are my hunting grounds and I suspect that it is so for many Modern Pagans. Unless you are a historical reconstructionist dead set on recreating the rituals of your ancestors exactly then you are borrowing and remixing. Your Magick is just one big Cut-Up. In order to access and maintain contact with the Crossroads, I find it helpful to remain in a state of flux, as much as possible. You cannot make exploits out of the opportunities if you do not remain open to the possibilities. How does one learn to maintain a state of flux? I found these books helpful,Undoing Yourself with Engineered Meditation and Other Devices, by Christopher Hyatt, and Pronoia, by Rob Brezsny. Lets talk about flux.

Flux, Flow, Fluidity

Whether one calls it Flux, Flow, Fluidity, Instinct,the Cauldron of Inspiration, or the Voice of God, positive psychology is what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called it, I find his explanation somewhat magickal, read about it here, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.Optimal Experience, isn't that why we do what we do? Whatever path your on I believe that ultimately we are trying to get the most out of life. For me part of that is to see life as one great manifestation of itself, nothing more, nothing less. The lesson is everywhere, it bubbles up from the ground, is sung to you by birds, is manifested in every breath. Open up to Multiverse, and prepare to embrace the weirdness. This is what happens when one works with Wild Gods, Old Gods, Denizens of the Deep, great Fluidity is needed to ride these waves.
My Friend in Spirit, and on the net, John Halcyon, states it rather succinctly, see the video below.
If you didn't watch the video let me paraphrase, if you did watch, feel free to attack my feeble summary. John basically states that Universe works like a gps, you tell it where you want go and it takes you there. I don't disagree except on point, I think it is more like an improbability engine. All in all the message is the same, faith, trust, openness to the possibilities, all require attentiveness, and effort. Always work must be done to yield results, you can't think a bookshelf into existence without cutting wood. Finding the Flux at the Crossroads yields a rich and fertile treasure, Inspiration.

Fertility, Inspiration, Union

The Union of Opposites is one of Multiverse's oldest and most successful rituals, because it always yields results. A full spectrum of possibilities opens with each new union. Connectivity is liberating, and individuality is comforting, but the meeting of opposites can be anything from orgasmic to apocalyptic. Results do vary. There seems to be fail safe of some sort as most encounters, 51% give or take, tend to be benign or insignificant.There are those times when the intersections are just boring, see fig. A.

Figure A
When one begins to deliberately alter reality in accordance with ones will, then one has begun to work Magick. How one chooses to manifest that Work is as varied as the people that do such Work. Most agree that it is waste of time to use such effort to bring more evil into the world, others already do enough on that front. as for those that disagree, every batch has its bad apple. I try not to judge, but my desire to see such souls find the errors of their ways betrays my judgments. So I readjust and pray that no one comes to harm. Its all I can do, send Multiverse my love, and feel love in return.

Every day is a quest for me to find that place that helps me remain focused, in alignment with myself,with Multiverse. Always seeking adventure, I go to the Crossroads, seeking the Flux, finding fertile Inspiration for my Work. Pure effort yields pure results. Live free and keep questing.

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