Thursday, September 11, 2014

Earthly Wisdom, Harvest Craft, and the Thinning Veils

Hawk and Harvest Moon, 2013, photographer unknown

The earth is speaking, more precisely those in the earth are speaking. The voices of the dead are louder this year, this the Year of the Ghosts. I believe Gordon White over at Rune Soup called it first, but after so many deaths, and the possible "Super-Caliphate" echoing anschluss in the Middle East, it is hard to feel that it is anything other. So in the spirit of the Year of the Ghosts I present the following set of links to articles that have caught my eye and I want to share. On with  the Masquerade.

Earthly Wisdom

There seems to me to be a similar ethos emerging from different Quadrants, an Anarcho-Pagan perspective, that favors results and wisdom to claims of grandeur and possession of stuff. An erudite commentary upon the crumbling of the facade of the current system of consummation to the point of attrition. The wolves are howling dear ones, answer their call.

Cracks in the Kingdom, Gordon White at Rune Soup, discusses the pros and cons of political deconstruction as a path toward global mentality and vitality.

Rhyd Wildermuth over at PAGANARCH, makes some compelling arguments about the greatest enchantment of all, Money.

Finally I want you follow a path with me, Go to Ultraculture Journal by Jason Louv over at Amazon, click on "Look Inside" and read EDITORIAL:MONKSHADELICA, it is the intro and it says everything you need to know.
Fall Harvest, photographer unknown

Harvest Craft

As the harvest time presents us the image of removing the chaff from the grain, so too we begin to pare down and shore for the coming season. Living where it does not snow, my preparations are not as intense as my ancestors, but I still feel the pull of the seasonal tide. Time to mow, to clear the hedgerows and define the boundaries between what is necessary and what is just "stuff".

Harold Roth, proprietor of Alchemy Works, writes in his blog about getting down and dirty with Matters of a Saturnine Nature.

Pagan Murmur has this piece about being Minimalist, as a Postmodern Pinoy Pagan perspective this blog gives me insights few others could. We are all over the world and experimenting with all sorts of things, Be Aware.

Downstrodden has this great piece on making a Besom, a perfect Harvest Season craft that you may use all year.

Thinning Veils

Here we are back where we started with the dead. Ghosts are essentially Imprints, recordings in the substrata, heavy emotional markers. This is why often when there is a violent or tragic death, the area will become haunted. Our whole planet is a graveyard and we live upon our ancestors bones, whether they are Germanic, Native American, Australian Aboriginals, Neanderthals, or Sabre Toothed Salmon.

Again an article by Rhyd Wildermuth about the dead and Where They May Be Found.

Santa Madre te bendiga nuestros caminos,
y guiarnos a través de la tribulación.
Gran poder oculto nos enseña las maneras,
nos guíe cada día, y nos protegen de cualquier daño.
Bendiciones a usted en la Temporada de los Muertos , Santísima Muerte .
"Harvest Moon Ball" by Terry Redlin

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