Monday, September 1, 2014

Stonehenge Sabre Toothed Salmon Spectacle Trigger Spell

As the Man burned I opened the roads and sabre toothed salmon swam through my dreams. Stonehenge was a festival site, just like Black Rock City and Glastonbury. Rewilding my soulscape has lead me to declare a Savage Sorcery, that is both open and inaccessible. The Voice in the Brambles echoes the ethos of gifting and permissions. Grover has become part of my tribe and refutation of the state as natural is invading the Neocons. Fatbergs are blocking up Cloaca Maxima, yes even this Goddess is affected by our modern diet of fat and cholesterol. My tastes have turned Dionysian and planetary.Of course the fabled Dark Lord himself would slake my thirst.

Strange thoughts swirl through my head like four tusked elephants, and the first echoes of ancestors are calling to me. I awake and awake, never remembering sleep. Like a groundhog's day of buddhahood. I long for true rest and want Half Earth now. The God of Harmony and the God of Disruption always arrive together. All forms become inverted and my brain explodes with creativity too fast to capture. Media devices help me to record some of it , but most is irrevocably lost.

The Thing in the Desert is over now,but its effects will be felt for a very long time. Every year I am renewed as the Man burns and fall into the dust. like so many pilgrims to and from Stonehenge so the Exodus has begun. I will return someday and probably proceed to the Great Pacific Northwest. There I will lie down and dream again of sabre toothed salmon.

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