Monday, January 19, 2015

It's Your Thing

I AM THE OAK-Sasquatch Jones 2015
Taking time to reflect has proven most beneficial to my over all outlook. It seems ironic saying that after a back to back memorial and funeral weekend, but still true all the same. How I got here, and the treasures I found along the way to be subject of this tale, so get comfy and let me be your guide. In the most proverbial of ways I will  start at the beginning, of sorts.

The Year of Knives

"Do what you want to do, don't talk about what you don't want." - Misty Dawn, New Years Weekend-2015 This sage advice was dispensed by my wonderful partner and muse during a Hedge-crossing session on New Years weekend. It was during this journey that I began to think of 2015 as the Year of Knives. In recent years I have developed a habit of adopting names for the year, it helps me to focus my energy in certain ways, give a direction to my path. 2013 was the Year of Witches, by way of Thad McCracken, this helped me to rekindle embers that had lain dormant for far too long. 2014 was the Year of Ghosts thanks to Gordon at Rune Soup.Little did I realize that when I adopted these monikers the power they would have over my perceptions, just read back through my past posts,the evidence is all there.
KEYS TO THE GATE-Sasquatch Jones 2015

This year however, I have named, The Year of Knives, by this act I have already begun cutting away. The knife is a beautiful thing, useful, sexy and dangerous most of all, a knife cuts. Cuts away fat, cuts through butter, cuts up celery and sailors. Useful but possibly dangerous, like magick. In order for me to execute my plans I must cut away the unnecessary, cut through the cords that bind. I must be careful not to cut to close or I may end up drawing blood, possibly my own. Thus the Year of Knives is about transitions, such as leather becoming a boot, first you must cut out your pattern. There is an inherent warning here, knives draw blood, knives make permanent changes. There are rules to using knives.

The most important rule seems to be; Stay Sharp. A dull knife is a dangerous knife, if you want a cut that's deep and true, only a sharp knife will do. Secondly, one must be patient when using a knife. I have seen this sentiment expressed in the following manners. Measure twice cut once, take the time to make sure you cutting away the right amount. You can always cut away more but you cannot cut back more, proceed methodically and with intention. Lastly treat a knife with respect and the knife will express respect for you. Take care of your knife and it will serve you well. With my knife I carve out my world.

Living the Dream

I have been busy, but in the best of possible ways, doing what I want to do. This seemed to be the theme of this weekend also; two different people, two different lives, one central idea unites them. Both my mentor, Wes Nations aka Johnny Vagabond, and my wife's cousin dared to live their own lives despite what others might think. Both were warm and engaging people, who made friends with everyone they met, they were open, sharing, and inspiring. These two very different people shared the one thing I believe, is the secret to a good life; they dared to manifest their bliss.

At Wes's memorial and Brian's funeral, people talked about how awesome it was that these individuals got to live the lives they wanted. Again and again, always with a hint of sadness, not so much for the departed, but rather an admission that the speaker was not living the life they wanted. Having recently journeyed into the Otherworld and receiving instruction via dream-work, and ritual, I went into this weekend with more mental clarity than would have been possible in the past. My senses sharpened (thanks to Jason Miller and his book), I saw the connections between people, and the interconnectedness that united them all. Two men who dared to live their own lives became beacons to others, not because they set out to be inspirations, but because they were true to themselves. They were not living the "dream", they were living.

Manifesting Liberation

No more excuses, no more procrastinations. The time is now and it always has been and always will be. Sharpen your knives and make your cuts. Live out loud, yes this is a call to arms, an active initiation. The world will always try to stop you and crush you, surround yourself with the lights that inspire. Always be open to giving and receiving blessings, this magic will consistently exceed expectations. Know your allies on this side and in the Otherworld, maintain your relations. Focus your energy into your own endeavors, wishful thinking never manifests, action does.

My year has begun with a prolonged period of reflection punctuated by direct action and manifestation. Work with my spirit allies is yielding tremendous results with very clear messages and instructions. The work progresses and returns dividends on what is invested. By cutting away until I reveal only what I want, I have become more efficacious in my operations. Saint Cyprian and Santisima Muerte continue to bless me, as do Hekate, Mercury Cthonos, the Horned One, Owl Woman, Mother Bear, and the Ancestors. Most surprisingly of all is the influence of Dandelion, never under estimate that which is underfoot.

I have t-shirt designs to finalize and render. A website is in the works and seeds are being planted and tended. The upcoming year promises much and I welcome it with an open heart and a clear vision. The take away from my time of contemplation and reflection upon life can be summed up by the statements of my wife, as printed above and the following statements which came to me while driving home late last night. Seize the moment, seize the day and build relationships along the way.

The very last thing I want leave you with comes from Briana Saussy: