Monday, August 5, 2013

The Magick of Linguistics

My ancestral tongue is Welsh or Cymraeg, as it is known in this particular Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages. As my path delves deeper and deeper into the Traditional Witchcraft of Wales and Cornwall, I find myself longing to learn the tongue of my ancestors. Just as I decided to delve into something more authentic and less New Age (rhymes with sewage) than Wicca, so I find myself reading the Mabinogion, I begin to wonder how much it must differ in Cymraeg. Languages are reality tunnels, as Robert Anton Wilson has so poignantly discussed. To continue my quest for understanding the authentic traditions of my ancestors I now am compelled to learn a new yet old language. Knowing myself the way I do, I also know that this will mean forays into traditional foodstuffs as well, although I will probably skip on "lights". I have already begun own form of Resh that gives honor to Olwen the Cymru goddess of the sun and Mani a Germanic god of the moon (more on that in another post.) I know Resh is not authentic to the traditions of my ancestors but is also not Wiccan, and my path is a solitary and crooked. So into the books I shall dive, the rites of air urging me ever forward into the realms of knowledge. Keep up the Great Work.

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