Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Final Earthworks and the Opening of the Aethyr Gates

My elemental workings have come to an end. My elemental workings have just begun. As I finished my concentrated study of each of the elements, I did an Aethyr Working to bring it all together. This final act turned out to be the beginning of something new and wonderful, my Aethyr working opened a gate that will inform my work for many years to come. Twice before I arrived at a place in my work where I felt total cohesion between my vocation and my avocation. A place where my cosmology manifested itself around me daily, the Subgenii refer to this as the luck plane tilting in one's favor.I can believe that about the previous events but this is different, more like fortune. Previously I lost my vision and my voice due to turbulent episodes, both involving divorce and a loss of all my earthly possessions. One of the main differences this time is that I started with nothing and due to my partner, the most beautiful Goddess I know, I have learned to protect what is important and retain those parts of life that hold real value, this is the secret of wealth. I love her more than any other and there are many wrongs I must make right with her, but she is quite simply the most amazing person I have ever met, and have the utmost faith in her.


Lucky man that I am, I am currently suffering from what the doctors believe may be a faulty gall bladder, whatever is wrong with me, I have been ill quite a bit this year. This illness however has kept me closer to the Other Side and this has improved the nature of my work greatly. When the gates opened, I had a vision of all that is to be. Humbled, I wrote down as much as I could, and drew what I saw. The first revelation was of my paten, this served as the door to the Aethyric Temple. I have included it here with a bit of artistic flair for dramatic effect.

The next revelation involved an explanation as to why the elementals manifested to me as totems and the importance of these relationships. They will serve as spirit guides much like familiars, but with more specific purposes and less personal interaction, as if they were zeitgeists or family spirits. I also met my allies old and new; amongst whom the following did appear; Lady of the Night, Wild One, Dirt Mama, Sky Daddy, Bird Lady, Bunny Man, Lord Stag and Lady Herb.

Soon I will fully open my Spirit Temple; the Grotto of Free Form Open Source Dirt Sorcery or a reasonable facsimile thereof; names aren't really important anymore, only results.

Corporate Cannibals, Tantric Pirates, and Shamanic Clowns

So it comes to pass that I shall lie fallow for a season, from Lammas to Samhain I shall not engage in large rites other lunar and solar cycle associated events. Some time after that I will begin working with planetary energies, and true to form I will be making up much of it as I go along. I have studied enough books in the last 30 years of my life that I can create a cut up ritual in my head and so I do. This is the essence of Free Form Open Sorcery. There is a caveat however, this is my path, go get your own. I do share tips and tricks in my Open Source lessons, but I am only trying to guide you towards doing it yourself, thus the non-specificity.

My path must always remain open ended, that is why I never give it all away. Once I develop a codified system that does anything other than brainwash you into thinking for yourself, then I have failed. I will not become the foodstuff of Corporate Cannibals. I would rather you become your own vision whether it's a Tantric Pirate, Shamanic Clown, or a Professor of Transcendentalism. The point is it is your path, and much like the Bardo or a video game, there are achievement levels that must be unlocked before proceeding to next part of your adventure. Almost always you will find that the key involves resolving personal issues, this is earthwork. There is no progress to Aethyric until the elemental issues are worked on.

Organic Psychedelic Animism

I have work to do, new tools and devices. There are new souls to meet, art rituals to construct, books to write. More important than all of that, I must maintain my relationships. Both my relationships with the living and with those souls on the Other Side. I trust my familiar to make the proper introductions when the time comes, and I make sure to bestow gifts upon my familiar when the time is right. I mentioned this mutual reciprocity before in a previous post. This a theme that will keep popping up over and over for me, as my partner has helped me realize I can be quite neglectful at times. This neglect only serves to harm me in the long run, as I damage mutually beneficial ties I isolate myself. This is part of one of the kleshas I must untie regularly, if not daily.

The Earth sings to me, the Waters rock me to sleep, the Fire keeps me warm and alive, the Air gives me dreams, but the Aethyr stirs my soul. So by the Powers Above and Below, I have gained gifts that I am both humbled and honored to receive, I resolve myself to Bhakti practice as sign and token of my appreciation and devotion. So Mote It Be.


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    1. Thank you, Aidan. As of late my work has progressed in leaps and bounds, not sure where its all heading (although I have an idea), but the ride is very exciting.