Friday, August 1, 2014

Shub-Niggurath Muladhara Aghori Trance

Fuego Sagagrado, Humo Sagrado

Reflections, mental meanderings, and randomness as I approach the end of my Earth Workings. Everything ends, everything breaks down, everything is born again, and everything is reabsorbed. Unification and Equalization through Amalgamation and Transmutation.

Yog-Sothoth connaît la porte.

Yog-Sothoth est la porte.

Yog-Sothoth est la clé et le gardien de la porte.

Passé, présent, futur, tous sont un en Yog-Sothoth.

Il sait où les Anciens ont traversé la vieille,

et où ils doivent franchir à nouveau.

Il sait où Ils ont foulé les champs de la terre,

et où elles fouleront encore eux,

et pourquoi personne ne peut les voir comme ils marchent.

 Ritual as Sigil

  1. Write Ritual
  2. Use online Translator
  3. Pick Language
  4. Translate
  5. Memorize in New Tongue
  6. Perform Ritual

Tsathoggua wurde von einer Vielzahl von Völkern verehrt. 
Die Schlange nahm den Mann Götzen Tsathoggua von N'kai. 
Viele andere Kulte haben die Kröte Gott als Symbol angenommen. 
Viele dieser Kulte nicht von Tsathoggua wahren Namen kennen und die Kröte Symbol 
geworden ist eindeutig als Symbol des Bösen.

The Cost of Consumption

So keeping in line with my earth workings is a renewed interest in protecting Mama Dirt. Part of this is trying to waste less,  but let's be honest, rituals are wasteful and expensive at times. What to do? Well I dug into my post-punk DIY days and decided to revisit some of my Obtanium Sources. Finding bargains on ritual supplies happen in many ways, the easiest being look for the cheap stuff. The problem with cheap things, candles for example, is that you must be careful about why they are cheap. did they come from countries with questionable labor practices? What are they made of? Are they at Wal-Mart? I buy Kosher Hannukah candles half price around the end of December. Blessed by a Rabbi and they come in many colors? Yes, please.

Other ideas include foraging in woods and alleyways, estate sales, and church thrift stores. Reuse second hand items and give them new life. The spirit of it will be thankful. This leads to a more delicate sort of cheap ritual supply, bones of road kill.

Several things to consider when collecting road kill;
  1. Wear protective gear. You do not want an infection from improper handling.
  2. Make sure its legal and act accordingly.
  3. Thank the soul and help let go of the pain and cross over.
  4. Only take what you need and bury the rest.
  5. When you no longer need it, bury it. From the earth to the earth.

Quod ex ritu chorus, accurato inter nudum 
et sacerdos sacerdotum, qui eum sequitur, 
lupus etiam solida flagellat autem sacerdos. 
Rituali pinnaculum flaminica verberibus ad 
mortem lapis movetur movet infantem sacerdos 
super eam. Bufo et Deus videtur, in summa, 
et altare holocausti, ut et virgo est datum est ..

 Pacts are Relationships

As we discuss cheap ways to acquire ritual supplies, i would like to take some time to discuss gifts for familiars. I am one of those who makes pacts with spirits, familiars if you will. These pacts are more like romantic relationships in that they rely on mutual support to prosper. Most of the time small trinkets and knick knacks will suffice for tokens of appreciation, but for proper feeding and significant aid in workings, you can not skimp on quality.

Some spirits (most of the ones I work with) have very specific needs and will not respond well to improper energy transferals. My familiars are all wild spirits and prefer gifts from the wild, but on special occasions like our anniversaries or big workings I must make an effort to find something special.

Every spirit has different requests and idiosyncrasies so one needs to pay special attention to what is being asked for. Do not neglect your familiars, they will aid your work in ways that nothing else can. Added benefit of developing deep meaningful relationships with non corporeal spirits is that you will begin to develop better relationships with all spirits. That does not matter if they are Human, Flora, Fauna , or Mineral. Trees are great friends as are birds and stones.

Cefais fy hun a wynebir gan enwau a thermau fy mod wedi clywed mewn mannau eraill yn y ffordd fwyaf erchyll cysylltiadau – Yuggoth, Cthulhu, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, R'lyeh, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Hastur, Yian, Leng, Llyn Hali, Bethmoora, Arwyddion Melyn, L'mur-Kathulos, Bran, a'r Magnum Innominandum - a daeth yn ôl drwy oesoedd yn ddienw a dimensiynau annirnadwy i fydoedd o hynaf, endid allanol lle mae'r awdur wallgof y Necronomicon ond wedi dyfalu yn y annelwig ffordd .... Mae cyfan gwlt gyfrinach o ddynion drwg (bydd dyn yn eich ddysg cyfriniol fy neall pan yr wyf yn eu cysylltu â Hastur a'r Arwyddion Melyn) neilltuo ar gyfer y diben o olrhain i lawr ac yn eu anafu ar ran y pwerau monstrous o dimensiynau eraill.

 Random Misfirings

 Moths are awesome. Mothra is a goddess. Armadillos look cool with wings. So do moose. Lemon pin spells work extremely well. Your soul is and always will be your best lover. Cosmos is indifferent to your existence and this frees you to do what you will. Everything returns to the earth, everything.

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