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Open Sourcery #4

Further Awareness Exercises

Hopefully you have been doing the work as prescribed in previous lessons. We will now move on to mental exercises. Start with Body Awareness continue into Total Relaxation move on to Pranayama , then practice Mental Awareness. This is much like the Body Awareness exercises, except that once you are in a state of complete relaxation and you have establish a good rhythm to your breathing you will bring your attention to your thoughts. Pay attention to where they come from and where they go, do not try cessation of thought. For now simply watch your thoughts like a camera watches a street corner. No interference just observation. After a few days start to notice what kind of thoughts you are having, are they negative, scary, paranoid, or are positive, upbeat and secure? This will be helpful later on, and will give you a clue as to what shape your work will take. This practice is known in yoga as Pratyhara. It is an invaluable tool for preparing oneself for Sourcery. Let's revisit some theory behind how and why the Magical Model works.

Axiomatic Models

This is actually part two of an ongoing discussion about Magickal Theory and the model that it supports. If you do not remember Part One, please go back and  reread it. In summary I introduce three axioms dealing with Reality Tunnels, Evidence, and Synchronicity. Now let me briefly discuss five new Axioms; Fluidity of Truth, The Half Glass, Cretans are Liars, Mystical Unity and As Above So Below.

Fluidity of Truth

This could also be called Hassan's Maxim. Hassan Ibn Sabbah was the Founder of the Hashishim and is most relevant to our studies for his statement, "Nothing is true. Everything is permissible." This at is heart is the best definition of relative truth I have found. All truth is relative to one's perspective of reality. Robert Anton Wilson was fond of say that truth was a flag flying in the wind(objective), any description that event was just media (subjective). Understand that no retelling of how wondrous the flying flag appeared can do justice to the actuality of the event. It is only a one faceted description that betrays the multifaceted reality.

The Half Glass

Often to determine one's outlook on life; some silly question is posited such as, "Is the glass half full or half empty?" The only non-judgmental answer is, it is half a glass of whatever liquid happens to be in the glass at the time. This is known as Pragmatism. This is important to the practice and execution of magick because in essence what we are stating is that if it works then it is true (enough).

Cretans are Liars

There is a famous story about Epimenides of Knossos (a city in Crete), who makes the self referential statement, "All Cretans are liars." This becomes problematic because the self referential nature of the statement. Thomas Fowler states: "Epimenides the Cretan says, 'that all the Cretans are liars,' but Epimenides is himself a Cretan; therefore he is himself a liar. But if he be a liar, what he says is untrue, and consequently the Cretans are veracious; but Epimenides is a Cretan, and therefore what he says is true; saying the Cretans are liars, Epimenides is himself a liar, and what he says is untrue. Thus we may go on alternately proving that Epimenides and the Cretans are truthful and untruthful." The World (objective) can appear to be a paradox at times because we judge from rationality (subjective), which is limited by intellect. Mark Twain said it best, “The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.”

Mystical Unity

All is one and one is all. This is mysticism, the belief that all thing are united into one whole and therefore exert influence upon one another. 

As Above So Below

Universe is a hologram, which means the part contains the whole and vice versa. This is perhaps the most common axioms of the Magickal Model. One that is found in many different traditions and lineages, and was perhaps first expressed in the text of the "Emerald Tablet" of Thrice Great Hermes. Which states the following:

What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is similar to that which is below to accomplish the wonders of the one thing.As all things were produced by the mediation of one being, so all things were produced from this one by adaption.Its father is the sun, its mother the moon. It is the cause of all perfection throughout the whole earth. Its power is perfect if it is changed into earth.Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, acting prudently and with judgement.Ascend with the greatest sagacity from earth to heaven, and unite together the power of things inferior and superior; thus you will possess the light of the whole world, and all obscurity will fly away from you.This thing has more fortitude than fortitude itself, because it will overcome every subtle thing and penetrate every solid thing. By it the world was formed.

All the Universe is contained within you, "Every Man and Woman is a Star."

 Abre Camino Candle Ritual

The last bit I will leave you with is one of the most potent rituals I know of; Abre Camino or The Road Opener ritual. This particular version is a veladora or candle spell which I borrowed from Dr E's Conjure Blog . 
"Get a yellow jumbo candle (or any other type of candle) and dab a bit of Road Opener Oil on it. Stroke the oil on the candle toward you saying "Open my roads to health, love, money and luck!" Set the candle in a candle holder. Place the name paper on a plate then sprinkle a bit of Road Opener Herb Bath on top of the name paper in the shape of a large "+" (making a little crossroad on the plate). Place the candle in the center of the "+" of herbs. Now pray to God in your own words for the obstacles in your life to be cleared away and for your roads toward your goals and the blessings in your life to be open and easy.
Light the candle and take a moment to gaze into the candle flame and picture all of the goals you would like to accomplish in life as if you already had them. Once you've pictured all of your goals and desires, say "Amen" and let the candle burn all the way down. Once the candle is done burning you can interpret the way the wax drippings are shaped for signs as to the success of your spell. (this is a very subjective and interpretive art - please don't ask for help in interpreting your own results) You can finish up by taking the wax remains, the name paper and the herbs, wrapped up in a bit of brown paper and leave it in trash receptacle near a crossroad (where two roads intersect in a "+" shape). Walk away and don't look back. Your roads will be open and clear."

That is all for now there will be more in a few days. Remember the reason its called work is because it requires effort to achieve results. Abre los ojos. 

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